Recently I have been introduced to a new website called Polyvore. Polyvore is an interactive display building website that gives the user full reign to create a wide array of unique and applicable graphic designs to use for their own free will. Of course, I explored the fashion possibilities this website could provide me. I was blown away from how realistic and informative this website could be for my dream career! It provides templates, garments, headlines, backgrounds, accessories and more in order to make a focused fashion story! I’ve been playing around on this site for hours and have come up with some pretty cool things, go ahead take a look!

My First Realization

When I first realized Fashion would forever be a part of my life I was 14 years old, scared out of my wits and on a runway in front of thousands of people. I had practiced for months for this moment and gone through every possible situation in my head. One factor I did not prepare for was how I would feel. As I stood on that runway, counting steps in my mind I was hit with a sudden wave of power. The power I consumed from filling the audiences minds with the fashion I was revealing and the emotions I was evoking by bringing these garments to life. The clothes I was wearing was much more than something to just look at: they were possibilities, works of art and interest. Each article meant a different thing to a different person, and the high energy of the fashion buzz got me addicted. The sheer power of knowing the in’s and out’s of the fashion business is mind blowing. I knew then that it was a craft I wanted to master, harbor and share for the rest of my life.

This I Shall Believe

I believe in happiness and acceptability. Through my journey to find who I and what I believe, I have been confronted with the realization that I am nothing that can be described. I believe that everyone has their own unique being, and without being able to accept that fate happiness is not possible. I believe spirituality cannot be defined, or contained. People and material disappointment should not be able to hold back what ones heart wants. Spirituality drives everything I do; it is my past, my present and my future. My beliefs will always play a large role in my future as a Fashion Journalist. Without the spirit I have been given and the person I am, the way I viewed the world around me and the way I conveyed these messages through journalism would be completely different. While fashion is not my spirit, without my spirit fashion would not give me the same passion, drive and understanding it does today.With many years ahead of me, my quest to find myself spiritually will be a long one. I, myself have proven to be different from any other on this planet; and with the gift we have been given of individuality; should come the flexibility of acceptance for new ideas and people, which will play a large role in my quest to be a journalist. No documented religion or principle of ideals will completely match me, but eventually I will find the medians of all principles; creating a personal religion as unique as I am. 


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